Bibi got Backed?

I really need any free time I have to work on new projects that pay, but I just couldn’t let this go by without saying something.  How many levels of wrong is this?  The prime minister of a country we give millions if not billions of dollars each year accepted an invitation extended to him by the Republican speaker of the house John Boehner.  This is some high level foolery right here.   That’s what this is.

But guess what, all but 50 members of congress were front and center to receive their marching orders from the leader of another country and gave him standing ovations on several of his talking points.  Democrats were in full effect.


Let’s use our imaginations for a brief moment.  Imagine if Bush were still in office.  I’m just going to go ahead and tell you, we’d already be at war in Iran and Armageddon would be well on it’s way.  So Bibi would’ve been able to stay at home and witness the destruction of the civilized world, up close and personal.  All due to some warmed over lies used to manipulate the masses.

I’ve said it before, two-year-olds are gonna throw temper tantrums.  That’s just what they do.  They can’t help it because their brains have not developed enough for them to gain self-control.  Wait it out.  Let them come to their senses and go on about your day.  Grown-ups in high places can not be afforded that luxury.  Because, you see, millions of lives are at stake.  I’m aware of Israel’s history and I know they are surrounded by enemies but that does not mean they get to act in any way they see fit.  Although, I know there are many Israelis and members of the Jewish diaspora who do not agree with this poisonous approach.

The middle-east is already a mess due to the vacuum created by none other than George W. Bush.  ISIL is a marauding menace and they will have to be handled military style.  Diplomacy is not an option.  As I said before, the United States can no longer act as law enforcement for the world.  Other countries are going to need to step up like Egypt did when several of their citizens were beheaded by ISIL.   It’s going to take a village.

Enter this arrogant ass.  Beating war drums in somebody else’s house.  Can you imagine?  Suppose your next door neighbor, who just happens to be your sworn enemy came to your house and brought a friend and then they proceeded to carry on a conversation about what you should do with your tools, ignoring you completely.  In this case, John Boehner is the neighbor and Netanyahu is the friend.  President Obama has carried on as all President’s before him since Israel’s creation.  He has given them the tools and support to keep their citizen’s safe.  There is no reason for Netanyahu to disrepspect him this way.  The Republicans really have no fucks to give at this point.  They’d just as soon see the United States go down in flames under this President just so they would be able to say, “See we told you he’d tear this country down.”

I said that Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times set a dangerous precedent.  Since I posted that blog Russia has invaded the Ukraine, Russian citizen’s who publically oppose this maniac are turning up dead, and Syria is being terrorized by ISIL.  Now we have Bibi being emboldened by Republicans and Democrats alike standing before congress and exhorting them to acts of war.  Because I don’t care what anybody says, he will not be satisfied until Iran is bombed.  Israel has an election coming up real soon.  Let’s pray they kick this uppity idiot out of office.

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I am currently juggling quite a few lucrative projects this week.  So there will probably be no posts until next week.  Get money!

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Beyonce is Not Mr. Burns’ Cup O Tea

The Bey Hive has been working like James Brown on behalf of their Queen the last few days.  The Hive is notorious for doling out swift and severe punishment to anyone who would dare to oppose the Queen Bey.  Twitter gets real busy the minute some commoner tries it, and it seems to me that there are quite a few these days who are trying it. The country crock, pip-pop, rock-hip artist known as Kid Rock is the latest of these mere mortals questioning the legitimacy of the throne.

The human doppleganger of Mr. Burns had this to say about Mrs. Carter.  Now, I think I might’ve heard one song from this particular ex of Pam Anderson, I don’t know.  So I can not rate his talents as a musician or a performer compared to other musicans.  But I do take issue with this stranger to personal hygiene.  Because he didn’t leave it at I don’t like Beyonce’s music.  He got to feeling himself so deeply, he threw in a dig at Beyonce’s appearance for good measure.

Said one of the laughing weasels from Roger Rabbit, “People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice fucking ass.’ I’m like ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.’ Doesn’t really fucking do much for me.”   Skinny white “chicks” all over the world were overcome with a sudden urge to bolt themselves into their homes.  Not Pamela Anderson though, because she’s already been there and done that.  I doubt she has a T-shirt.  I just hope she doesn’t do too much head-hangin over this thing.  Everybody has at least one skeleton in the closet with rotting meat still on the bones.

Now I’m not naive.  The banjo player from Deliverance is no doubt looking to start a buzz around his raggedy self and talking about Beyonce’s ass seemed the most expedient way to do that.  But I know many fat White women, White women belonging to the itty bitty titty committee, White women who value themselves even a little, bi-racial women, Black (especially the mother of his child), Asian, Latino women who are not white, and Native American women of any body type, all women who abhor being called chicks, all sane women, all women with functioning eyes and/or ears, and every last man in the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

God bless you Kid Rock! You got a twofer.  Who would have thought someone as greasy, slimy and willfully malnourished as yourself could bridge the gap between the races so effectively.  People of varying cultures, religious beliefs and sexual orientation all vomited in their mouths just a little, I mean “as if”,  and you did that.  It was you buddy.  No doubt, when you started getting all of this attention, you whispered to yourself diabolically, “Exxxcellent.”  You go slime ball!  Mr. Burns is doin it Palin style!  Rock on Mr. Burns!  Rock on!


PS:  I am not a member of the Bey Hive.  But I do enjoy some of Beyonce’s songs and have much respect for her work ethic, talent and success.  If he’d said this about Lena Dunham the banshee cries would’ve been heard on alien planets, far, far away.  So I’m glad the Bey Hive had her back.

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The Battle of Gray Soldier

Just when I thought I was free, the gray soldiers pull me back in.  I have my afro which I texturize about every four months so I’m not a naturalista but still, I was free.  Now I have got to go right back to my stylist, hat in hand.  She’ll give me a wry smile that says “We both knew it would come to this, didn’t we?”.  I’ll just take my seat in the waiting area because though my appointment was for 1:00 o’clock, I might not hit the stylin seat until well after 4.  I’ll remember to bring my snacks and ipad for entertainment.  I’ll ask where Mrs. Jenkins is and if she’ll be in today, my voice full of hope.  Mrs. Jenkins has to be in her late seventies, if not older.  This woman keeps me rolling.  She does not have one F&5k to give.  Not one.

I know she ain’t go’n be in the door good before she let’s me have it.  “I told you!  I! told! you!  Your lil uppity behind singin a different tune today.”  “I intend to age gracefully.” in a mocking overly proper, overly shrill voice.  “You saw one too many of them gray soldiers and you ready to do battle, now.  Umm hmmm.”  You are doggone right, I’m about to do battle.  I’m not laboring under the delusion that I’m gonna win the war but I will fight the good fight.

My mother just recently surrendered.  She’s got a lotta salt with pepper sprinkled in here and there.  According to her, when she let her roots get a little to long she was the spitting image of a possum.  My mother is given to hyperbole, especially if she’s talkin about herself.  She’s beautiful whatever the condition of her “upkeep”.  Yet I don’t want people looking at me thinking, “She looks just LIKE a possum.”  You know?  I have some pride.   However, I don’t want to be that lady who’s dyed her hair jet Black.  You know the one who has hair you take the opportunity to stare at when she’s not lookin atcha and you have to catch yourself or she’ll catch you.  My grandmother would probably tell that poor soul, “Baby don’t dye your hair JET black, it don’t never look natural.”  and it doesn’t.  You have to go dark brown, if you’re going for the natural, this-is-the-hair-I-was-born-with look.

My cousin who’s also 44 told me she would not be dying her hair.  “If it’s time for it to be gray then it’s just time.”  She is a naturlista.  “These hairdressers ain’t gettin not one mo piece of my money.”  She’s always been a brave soul.  But at 44 years old, I think I’ll put in the work.  Especially with these heifers over in Hollywood, I’m lookin at you Halle Berry, still weeerrrrking like 20-year-olds.  Frankly, they ought to look fabulous, they have the resources.

I’d get my cellulite pummeled, massaged, and elixered away too, if I had the funds and the time.  I’m not gonna be spending all of my hard earned money on a bunch of foolishness.  We women, unlike men, have to do more than keep the gym membership current.  All this pluckin, waxin, threadin, mask wearin, perfume buyin, foundation discoverin, false eye lashin, teeth whitenin, fryin, dyin and layin to the side could put you in the poor house.  Naw!  But at a minimum, I can keep hair out of places which should be hairless and neatly kempt, with youthful color in the places where it belongs. According to society’s rules anyway.  I’ll do that much at least.  Even so, I pray I live to lose the war and let go.  I pray that I live to grow old and full of days, surrounded by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  But in the meantime, I’ll be fighting these gray soldiers.


Addition 02/28/15 0300 Leonard Nimoy died yesterday at the ripe old age of 83.  Star Trek was one of my favorite programs to watch growing up.  Live long and prosper.

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Folks We Are Just Not Doing Enough To Help White Women

Patricia Arquette gave a “militant” speech at the Oscars which had Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez fired up.  Everybody has been parsing Arquette’s words and her follow-up backstage but I won’t take the time to do that.  There have been some articles written by people, this one for example, who probably had to keep the smelling salts handy so enraptured were they with Arquette’s clarion call.  I will mention Common and John Legend gave beautiful speeches which the person in the article I linked to gave an A.  That’s good until you see the A+ given to Arquette’s whiny little declaration.

I’ve written about the clueless nature of the white feminist movement when it comes to intersectionality, though not as eloquently as some.  So I’m going to strive not to do that in this article.  It’s going to be a Herculean task.  I really want to thank Patricia Arquette for one thing and one thing only.  She led me to read my first book by bell hooks.  I know, I know, it’s ridiculous.  bell hooks’ works should be required reading for everyone in the world.  In scouring the internet to discover what the buzz was about, I read several articles that mentioned hooks.

God bless this woman.  Everyting anyone needs to know about the dynamics of race, including intersectionality is contained in the writings of bell hooks.  I’m currently reading her collection of essays titled “Writing Beyond Race”.  Here’s one quote from the book.

“If everyone in our society could face that white supremacist thinking is the underlying       belief system informing nearly every aspect of this nation’s culture and habits of daily life, then all our discussions of race and racism would be based on a foundation of concrete reality.” (my italics)

hooks writes about the shifting nature of white supremacist thought to suit the needs of the current power structure.  For instance, and I’m paraphasing, the nature of Jim Crow in the south.  Black people were seen as too nasty and dirty to use the same facilities as white people, but they were allowed to cook, clean, and even nurse white children.  I am fascinated by bell hooks. Her observations expose the insiduous and entrenched nature of white supremacist thought and it’s role in protecting the status quo.  She explains with such clarity, the reasons people of other races, Black people in particular, are still struggling to catch up.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is another strong voice helping anyone who cares, to clearly see the mechanisms by which the current system disadvantages people of color.  Please click the link, your time will not be wasted.  hooks, Coates and many other voices sorely needed right now especially since the advent of a Black president, which has caused perfectly reasonable people of all colors to reach the conclusion that somehow, race is just not that important anymore.  If you scratched the surface of that thinking you’d probably find the “boot strap” philosophy.  Black people just need to learn to pull themselves up by their boot straps.  We are our own worst enemy and frankly if you read my posts, you’d see that I subscribe to that school of thought to a degree.

But unlike Ms. Arquette, I do not believe that everybody’s issues are all neatly tied up with a pretty little bow, so we can all start working on what’s important to white women now.  Because they have fought so hard for “our” causes, we owe them.  It’s time for them to call in the favor and we others need to step up and start marching for equal pay for white women.

She didn’t mean to say it like that but I don’t doubt for one minute that those are her true feelings.  Had she said equal pay for women and left it at that, I would have joined Meryl Streep in the Amen corner.  But she let us into her thought process and if this twit didn’t come off as an entitled, spoiled little brat, then I don’t know who did. That’s why I have never claimed to be a feminist.  Ever!

Our fight is not the same and the common ground we do have is obscured by the willful ignorance of many in the feminist movement, especially when it comes to intersectionality.   If she had done her homework she would know that out of all minority groups, white women benefit from affirmative action  the most.  I’m not going to do this.  I’m just not. I’m not going to play this game of “Mine is worse than yours”.  Please read some of the writings of bell hooks.  You can catch Ta Nehisi Coates over at the Atlantic and he also has his own blog.

One more thing and then I’m out.  Remember Gloria Steinem’s hissy fit op ed in the New York Times during the 2008 primaries.  She must have been on her period. Let’s all work together to give white women power!  What do ya say!  Pitch in why don’t ya!  Will somebody get me the smelling salts and a fainting couch?  Because. I. Can’t.



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Let God Be True and Every Man A Liar

I saw this article about two, three weeks ago and it bothered me very much.  The article reports that Israeli officials have admitted that they’ve been giving Ethiopian women birth control shots without their knowledge for years. It made me very angry but I held my peace.  I’ve been reading the Bible and praying trying to gain some clarity.  I had been doing that on the subject of Israel before I saw this article.  I can say only this for certain.  God did not say that gentiles would establish Israel forever.  God said He would establish Israel in the land He will bring them into, calling them out of the nations and from every corner of the Earth.  There, they will know peace forever. Of that I’m sure.  Ezekial 36, 37 Isaiah 43.  Isaiah 43:3

Here is what I believe and this is a bit of a digression, there are descendants of Jacob* who don’t know they are descendants of Jacob.   The descendants of Jacob are of all nationalities.  To be more specific, all races.  They are scattered into the native populations and have intermarried and/or procreated with them.  Jewish people participated in the slave trade.  Quite a few Jews in fact. I have little doubt that the men took part in the rape of female slaves just like many other Europeans of the time.  Not to mention Joseph married an Egyptian and had two sons who became two of the twelve patriarchs. Men, no matter what they call themselves, can not determine who is of Israel( the man not the land) and who is not, only God can do that.  I’ll leave you to draw your conclusions regarding what that means.  Having said all that, Jesus died for all, Jew and Gentile alike and they that are in him… Galatians 3-26-29.  Rom 2:27-29′ 3:4

You can see that I’ve been struggling to put my mind in order.   Because I’m Christian raised in a Baptist church and we were always told to pray for Israel.  They are God’s chosen people.  I really had a block in my mind about this thing.  That shows you the powerful hold indoctrination can have over a human being.  But I’ve been determined to find peace of mind.   It is written in Psalms 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  There will be no peace in Jerusalem until God sets up his eternal rule on Earth.  When you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for His kingdom to come.  So every time anyone prays the Lord’s prayer he or she is praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Please understand me.  I am a dyed-in-the-wool Christian, potty mouth and all.  I am not ashamed to claim Jesus as my Savior which when you read some of my other posts, might shock you.  I began this post because discovering the country called Israel, a member of the UN, is injecting women with Depro Vera, the side effects of which must have troubled these women, alarmed and sickened me.  So I will pray for Israel and all of humanity, for out of our hearts wickedness comes.  I’m sure the Israeli government felt justified in doing this.  I wonder if their justifications are the same as the Nazi war criminals.  We were only doing what we were ordered to do.  It’s what’s best for the country.  Yeah. OK.  But we’ve heard that song before.


*God changed his name from Jacob which means supplanter to Israel which means Who prevails with God

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I watched John Legend and Common perform Glory at the Oscars and cried.  I cried about the battles we’ve won and I cried about what’s left undone.  It is amazing what is possible in this country.  When I take time to consider the African’s journey in America, I can’t help but praise the God of my understanding.  The God who lead Isreal out of Egypt also freed Black Americans from the chains that bound them. But we still aren’t free.

Until we fight the battle against self-hatred with and among ourselves and win, we will continue to fight the same fights and have the same struggles. Until we develop a mass program to deal with the mental effects of slavery and the indoctrination of every child born Black in the US to this very day, freedom will continue to elude us.  Captivity was passed down from generation to generation in ways so subtle and insidious that it can not be clearly seen except in the fruit it bears in Black lives everyday. Emancipation from mental slavery is necessary if we are to realize our full potential as a people.

I submit for your consideration, Kanye West.  He is musically brilliant.  Yet this talented, powerful human being is still begging for scraps even while he is seated at the table.  He is still digging through trash while his pantry is full.  He is just as broken as any slave could be.  In fact, a slave was more whole in that his enemy was clear and his chains were evident.  I’ve heard of  self-fulfilling prophecy but Kanye is like a self-fulfilling prophet.  Speaking truth to power and then continuing to believe the lies they tell.  He has no idea who he is.  He has knowledge but no wisdom.

Kanye is one troubling example of the peculiar people we Black Americans are. In all of the African diaspora the Black American star has shined brightest. Show me another tribe treated worse than animals for centuries but continued to live, love, laugh and create sublime art; art not even their oppressors could resist.  Show me another tribe which rose up singing BEFORE I’LL BE A SLAVE I’LL BE BURIED IN MY GRAVE and then little by little, step by painful step, fought for their God- given right to be truly human and truly free.  What tribe can say they saw one like themselves swear to uphold a constitution which once classified them as animals and is now commanding military forces once used to enforce the same?   I’m so proud to be Black in America I can not tell the whole of it.

Imagine what we could accomplish if we set about the business of healing the deep wounds which still trouble us.  As I write I realize the whole of humanity is still bound by the concepts, ideals, and propaganda fed to the masses by greedy, empty human beings.  Few of us step outside the confines of our mind to learn our own truth.  The effects of colonization are still having dire consequences upon the continent. So, Black Americans are not the only ones who need to heal and set their priorities in order.  Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if that deep, true healing begins with Black Americans.   As we are, to say the least, a peculiar people.





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Wow! Kardashian Damage Control Has Kanye Sounding Reasonable

Mr. Reasonable at your service

So reasonable in fact, that you might find yourself rooting against your own interests in a sincere effort to root for him. But you have to stay and listen a while.  The crazy will emerge.  The Kardashian machine sent Kanye to the Breakfast Club not long after Tyga’s enlightening interview, to shut down rumors about Tyga and her sister Kylie and to smear Amber Rose for good measure. Make no mistake about it, from the moment Khloe got up out of the dirt and checked the dragging wounds given to her by Amber Rose, the Kardashians have been in damage-control mode.  So here is an astoundingly sensible appearing and reasoning Kanye West.  He’s out here in these streets kicking it with the peasants. But class doesn’t matter except when he says it does.


He’s a walking contradiction.  He is a danger to our children, especially our daughters.  If you don’t listen to him closely he will be draw you into the charm that helped make him famous in the first place.  When he is ranting it’s easy to see.  You see his desperate need for acceptance by mainstream society.  You see a man who only wants what the world considers the best.  Therefore, his wife needs to be the “baddest bitch” and when his daughter grows into a woman shaped like her mom, he wants her to be considered top-notch.

Beyonce was taken, so he married a white woman known for her sexual escapades. Then proceeded to say that “his girl” is more relevant than the first lady of the United States.  In this very interview, he says he had to take “like 30 showers” to wash Amber Rose off before marrying Kim Kardashian. Then again, even with this new media trained persona, he kept stumbling over the fact that his wife’s value is being purty.  Her worth is in her trophy status and in his mind, she is the best. I swear he’s like Lenny in Of Mice and Men when it comes to Kim.  It’s almost like she’s his doll or soft pet and he will “love him and squeeze him and pet him” until there’s no life left and then, on to the bestest, baddest bitch.  Charlemagne challenged him on that.  Asking him in essence, if he would find it insulting if all someone valued in him was beauty.  Kanye didn’t get that.

Please study up on  intersectionality and misogynoir and tell me Kanye and Kim aren’t deftly demonstrating the dynamics of the former while fully embodying the latter.  If he marks a woman’s presence at all, it is in the context of what she can do for him. He was one of the producers on Beyonce’s latest album and at this point in Beyonce’s career, if she uses you for any part of her work, she’s doing you a favor.  So he thinks to rush the Grammy stage, yet again, because this is Beyonce and more importantly he produced one or more of the songs so “I want my Grammy!”, says the two-year-old.

Kanye was asked why he’s not doing more for one of his artist, Teyana and his answer was some slippery, politically correct response.  In my opinion, he doesn’t believe she’s the best so she’s really not worth his time. Never mind, that he is a top producer and if he spent some time developing this young lady it would pay off for both of them in the long run.  No. I need to know what you are doing for me.

Kanye wants to be respected, accepted, and given full access because he is not just any Black man, he is Kanye.  Whatever belongs to Kanye must be respected and accepted also.  That includes Kim Kardashian and her family.  Especially Kim’s mother who we must thank for providing Kanye with a top-notch PR coach and a heavy dose of some good medication before this interview.  Like I said before, if you study the Kardashians you will discover the nasty underbelly of Hollywood.  The manipulation, desperation and control have reached a feverish pitch.  Be very careful.  This is the most dangerous Kanye yet.


02/21/15 1420 CST Special Addition:  I’m gonna need Beyonce to be Solange and tell it like it                                    is.  Because we all know Beyonce does not have Kim Kardashian’s picture                                 in any of her dwelling places.




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Can Eddie Murphy Live Though?!!


You know I am quite tired of this dead horse beating people are doing with Bill Cosby.  I really am.  I’m sick of this litmus test a certain group of people want others to pass.  It was revealed that Eddie Murphy did not participate in a skit aimed at the Cosby rape allegations.  You would’ve thought he’d killed a litter of puppies. This article on Salon’s website just sent me into a mini rage.  First of all the entitlement oozes off the page.  Eddie Murphy didn’t pile onto Bill Cosby like I wanted.  Waaah Waaah.  Please spare me.  Eddie Murphy chose not to insert himself into a situation for which he has no facts.  Not to mention there are many in the public eye doing a thorough job of seeing to it that Bill Cosby pays.

If someone asked my opinion on the Cosby matter I would happily tell them, where there is smoke there is usually fire.  I’m inclined to believe that Cosby is guilty of some of the accusations leveled at him.  In other words I believe he raped some of these women.  Now do I need to meet my friends and family at the front door and get their take on the matter before allowing them in for a visit?  No.  If I’m hiring a lawn care service will I compel them to share their opinion regarding Cosby, perhaps require them to fill in a form?  No.  If my mother and I go out for ice cream and I drive, am I going to turn the car around if she disagrees with me? In the words of the great Whitney Houston, Hell to the Naw!

I think it has been firmly established in the court of public opinion that Bill Cosby is not who we thought he was.  Perhaps some people feel betrayed, bamboozled, run amok.  I don’t know.  I’m reaching right now.  Because the public’s obsession with this has been like a mal-adjusted dog who will not release the bone.  I believe certain people won’t be satisfied until Bill Cosby is indicted.  That’s what this is really all about.  Hang him high!  Because we say so.  But that’s not how our justice system works.  Now I could go into all the particulars about the accusers, statute of limitations and what not.  But I won’t.  It is sufficient to say that I want justice for those women.  I wouldn’t want anybody I love to go throught that but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go about insisting that anyone take a side.

Eddie Murphy could have done the skit and everyone would be raving about how Eddie’s still got it.  But he didn’t, and that was his choice to make.  I guess he’s now public enemy number 1.  I clearly see his logic.  Why should I pile on?  Out of ALL the skits and characters Eddie Murphy is known for, why on earth did they feel the need to use him for this one?  This is the first time Eddie Murphy’s been back to 30 Rock and you want to use him to whip Bill Cosby some more?  I don’t blame Eddie.  As for the woman who wrote the Salon article.  Why don’t you write an article on Intersectionality next time.  I hope you do.  Maybe a little bit of reality will seep into your entitled, itty, bitty, wittle world.


02/21/15 0652 CST added a link to an article about intersectionality and the person who coined the term



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Don’t Go Down There

The comments section is where demons dwell until they can find a body.  Everytime I read an article or a blog post lately, I tell myself don’t scroll down to the comments section.  Don’t go in there.  Like my conscience is someone in the audience at a horror flick.  I can hear the designated stupid person in the movie right now, “Hello!” **something skitters by, something obviously not human** nevertheless, “John is that you?”  Madam John has already been consumed by the thing now stalking you with your full cooperation.  That’s who I am, I’m that designated stupid person determined to find John in the comments section.  Yet, each time an unholy, horror is lying in wait.

There are some miserable people in this world and some of them have found an outlet for their misery down there in the sewage of comments.  I break out in chills everytime.  You’re going along wanting to discover the general consensus about the article’s subject matter.  Maybe you want to leave a comment also.   So you’re scrolling and reading reasonable comments.  People are disagreeing here and there but, you know, still reasonable and there it is.  Lurking like a demon in a dry land.  That one comment.  I always feel as though if the person who wrote the comment were actually saying it, they would sound like the actor cast as Satan in the Passion of the Christ.  Oily, almost a whisper, nasty and gleeful, revaling in the misery it means to cause.  After that comment, the veil that covered hell falls away and it’s a free-for-all.

But do you want a real scare?  Would you like to meet legion?  Go to any article with subject matter pertaining to Black women.  I’m not being paranoid, militant, or overly sensitive.  Just try it, if you dare.  I’ve never heard in my entire life, what is written.  It’s truly disturbing to know there are people in this world who think that way.  Please understand that if you saw these people in person, in passing, at work, at the gym, they would appear to be the most reasonable beings the world could offer.  Some of these commentors are teen agers.  Some of them are very unhappy Black men who have mommy issues.  Still others, are Black women who need to project their abnormal shame onto others and of course you have your rabid racists in the mix.  No doubt sociopaths, psycopaths and just general evil people are present and accounted for in the comment section.

Either way, don’t go down there.  The comments section is the herd of pigs into which Jesus sent legion.  It is a slimy, revolting place.  This negativity goes out into the world and bears fruit.  Social media is also where a lot of negative energy resides.  That’s why I take long breaks.  Even from your “friends” and family on facebook.  Take some time away from the day to day passive aggression, fakery and head games people play.  Use that time to commune with Jesus.  Because there are demons there.  Demons that goeth not out except by fasting and prayer.  Don’t go down there but if you feel compelled to go; put on your whole armor.  There are monsters down there.


02/20/15 0159 CST Corrections:  It really depends on what sites you visit.  I really can’t say it’s worse on articles about Black women on every blog.  Sites like Huffington Post usually draws a more refined clientele.  I’ll leave the post as is, but I stand corrected.

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